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Handmade Truffles

Handmade for perfection.....

Here at the Cocoa tree we understand chocolate as an art........ we also understand, it matters what you put into your mouth.

Thats why we have spent over 100 hours into making each individual chocolate, from how it looks right down to how it feels on your pallet.

We only source and use 100% natural ingredients in our collection and all of our chocolates contain zero gluten, also look out for our diary free, vegan friendly selection.


We will take all the worry out of being good so all you have to worry about is the last bite.......... 


you can check out our flavours selection to find out what really goes on in each of those delights or maybe you want to find out a bit more about who we are and what we do and if you cant find what you are looking for.......... Please don't hesitate to drop us a line, we are always happy to help.


Welcome to the Cocoa Tree

Continue reading for find out about our chocolate. 


Did You Know?

80% of cocoa is grown in Madagascar and sadly The Cocoa plant is having a hard time at the moment due to unpredictable weather, aging trees, disease and huge corporations squeezing the little farmers.

What was once a a rich, bustling, sought after trade originating from the first century is now shunned as arduous with farmers giving up their plantations for crops with more yields like the rubber tree.


The Cocoa Tree is at risk of disappering by 2050.

Sustainable Belgium Chocolate, Fairtrade Handmade Truffles

That is why we make sure our cocoa is harvested by sustainable crops,where farmers are given a good price so they can continue their hard work, by buying our chocolate you are supporting great foundations like the Cocoa Horizons who help train farmers on growing responsibility and teach them about disease and aging soil to increase their yields and pay a premium for their work so communities thrive.

We believe paying more and giving back means that we can all enjoy the pleasure of chocolates for many many years to come.