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I’ve visited the shop several times, they have a great range of handmade chocolates and a variety of boxed up options which make lovely gifts.
You have to try the hot chocolate when you go - its amazing!!! Best hot chocolate i’ve ever had.

The staff are lovely and make all the chocolates on site. Definitely worth a visit
— Miss W
Perfect place to stop by and indulge in a World of chocolate truffles of many flavours that are made exclusively in store, you cannot get better!! chocolate is beautiful, staff exceptional, cakes divine, coffee made to perfection... Prices are very fair.

I’m tempting myself to go again now..
— Brad


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, it all began three years ago in the little neighbourhood of Chorlton, an area renowned for its support of independent businesses and love for all things authentic, the place where we call home.

We are family run, owned by a beautiful women and her husband that we'll call shrek for know. our inspiration is you and our tool is chocolate, we want to deliver great quality handmade truffles made only with the finest natural ingredients and infused with a whole lot of heart, so you can taste our passion in every bite.

Our passion not only seeps through into our chocolate but into our quaint little cafe on chorlton's high street, where we serve great quality coffee and try to infuse our belgium chocolate into all of the drinks we provide.

Our hot chocolate is to die for, we create our own house blend made with real belgium chocolate (2 parts milk chocolate, 1 part 70% dark chocolate) steam into milk to create the most fluffy, indulgent, delicious elixir ever thought possible.

Not only do we serve great drinks and fantastic delights but we also believe great customer service is just as important as the products that we sell, we want you to feel just as at home here as we do.

Your faith in us keeps us doing what we love doing, so come on in.......... put your feet up and let your tastebuds do all the work.

You can have a nosey and read what people are saying about us and if you have been........ we would love to hear your thoughts, whether good or sad, we will always strive to do better


You can have a nosey and read what people are saying about us and if you have been........ we would love to hear your thoughts, whether good or sad, we will always strive to do better.

Dont get me wrong we love chocolate, but we do other things too....... like belgium waffles....... actually we drizzle them with tempered chocolate, milkshakes.......... oh, we drizzle them too............ice cream..... drizzled, brownies.......drenched, ahhh scones, teacakes,biscuits and cakes, well i suppose we can dip them too, if you ask......

Feel free to take a look at our trip advisor page, we take great pride in reading all the lovely comments people have made.

You can find the links to all our social media pages, all the little icons are right at the bottom of the page and even further down theres our news button, where you can keep up to date on all our specials, particularly over easter and christmas, check for any sale items and any new product ranges we have kept hidden away. 


If you're coming to manchester or live in this wonderful city, why not come and see us. the door is always open.............well during opening times, but it would be great to see you.


Setting aside that the chairs are incredibly cosy and there’s beautifully displayed chocolate tempting you to spend your whole paycheck in one go.

Nevermind that I was legitimately quite sad when my cappuccino was finished and they told me that I could stay as long as I wanted after I was done.

The brownie was the best I have ever had. It put my famously good homemade brownies to shame.
I wanted to stop baking forever there and then because nothing would beat that brownie.
I only had one because Im pretty sure another would have made me die from happiness.

Its a good place, is what I’m saying.
— Maz

Opening times

Monday - Saturday                           9:30pm - 6:00pm

Theres a button right down there it shows our complete cafe menu, see if theres anything we can tempt you with.

See you soon